Original Music & Sound Design Finery


  • The Martian VR Directed by Robert Stromberg and produced by Fox Innovation Lab, RSA Films, and The VR Company with VR Sound by Dražen Bošnjak from Q Department | Mach 1. 25 Minute VR experience. 2016
  • Dear Angelica VR Film directed by Saschka Unseld. Oculus Story Studio. 2015. Original VR soundtrack by Dražen Bošnjak.
  • Catatonic VR Film directed by Guy Shelmerdine. VRSE.WORKS. 2015. Original VR soundtrack by Dražen Bošnjak.
  • Creative Control Feature Film Directed by Benjamin Dickinson. Soundtrack by Dražen Bošnjak 2015.
  • VHS Directed by Todd Lincoln. Original Music & Sound Design by Dražen Bošnjak. 2015
  • ABC Television's David Blaine: Real or Magic Directed by Matthew Ackers | Radical Media. Music By Dražen Bošnjak 2013
  • Jay Z's Made in America Directed by Ron Howard. Music Dražen Bošnjak. 2013
  • Ridley Scott's Prometheus short film 'Happy Birthday, David' Directed by Johnny Hardstaff Executive Producer Ridley Scott. Original Music & Sound Design by Dražen Bošnjak. 2012
  • MasterClass TV Documentary Series for Oprah Winfrey OWN Network Directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. Harpo and Radical Media. Original Soundtrack. 2011
  • Honda The Power of Dreams Series of Documentary Films Directed by Derek Cianfrance, Ondi Timoner and Joe Berlinger. Original Soundtrack. 2010
  • Tell Tale Directed by Michael Cuesta Executive Producer Ridley Scott. Sound Designer Dražen Bošnjak. 2009
  • All God's Children Can Dance Directed by Robert Logevall. Music Producer, Original Music & Supervision. Dražen Bošnjak. 2007
  • Pulse Directed By Jim Sonzero. Original Music and Sound Design by Dražen Bošnjak for Trailer 2006
  • L'Enfer Directed by Oscar winning Director Danis Tanovic 'No Man's Land'. Music Producer, Arranger, Composer - Dražen Bošnjak. Recorded at Dvorak Hall in the Rudolfinum, Prague, Performed by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. 2005
  • No Maps Directed by Mark Neale with William Gibson: Theme Song. Dražen Bošnjak. 2003
  • National Geographic: Destination Space. Original Music by Dražen Bošnjak. 2000
  • The Beat Theme Song 1999

Short Film

  • Drake's short film "Jungle" directed by Karim Huu Do with Sound Design by Dražen Bošnjak. 2015
  • Likeness Directorial Debut of Oscar Nominated Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto. 2013
  • Evolution (Megaplex) Directed by Marco Brambilla 2010
  • Little Minx Exquisite Corpse: "She Walked Calmly Disappearing Into The Darkness" Director Malik Hassan Sayeed. Sundance, Tribeca Film and CineVegas Selection. 2009
  • MMVII Trilogy Directed by Tronic Studio 2007
  • Tronathlon Directed by Joseph Kosinski 2006
  • Alive in Joburg Prequel to District 9 Directed by Neill Blomkamp. 2006
  • Adicolor Films Directed by Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel, Saiman Chow, Charlie White, HAPPY, PSYOP, Neill Blomkamp and TRONIC Studio 2006
  • Little Pony Directed by Stylewar 2005
  • My Dark Horse is Horny Directed by Soft Citizen 2005
  • The Case of the Eidetic Child by Ryan McGinness and Panoptic 2004
  • NightWatch Directed by Gary Breslin 2004
  • The Bronx Soundwalk 2004


  • Marina Abramović – White Space. Lisson Gallery, London. 2014

  • Marco Brambilla
    Creation (Megaplex) 2012
    RPM 2011
    Evolution (Megaplex) 2010
    Ghost 2009
    Civilization (Megaplex) 2008
    Cathedral 2008
    Wall of Death 2008
    HalfLife 2002
    Cyclorama 1999
    Getaway 1999
    Approach 1999
  • Nitin VadaKul
  • Ryan McGuinness
    The Case of the Eidetic Child 2005

  • Laurie Anderson
    Songs and Stories from Moby Dick, 1999–2000

  • Tom Sachs
    Sony Outsider 1998
  • The Starn Brothers
    Black Sun Burned 1998


  • 2K Games The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Directed By Henry Hobson. Burn Room Live Action Series. The Burn Room, Orbit the Clown, The Chase, The Interrogation and The Aftermath. Music & Sound Design. 2013
  • Spec Ops "Dubai Sandstorm" 2K Games Directed by Marco Brambilla. Music & Sound Design. 2010
  • Freestyle Mini Mobile Game 2006
  • Marc Ecko's "Getting Up": Contents Under Pressure. Additional Music & Sound Design. 2006
  • Half Life Art Installation by Marco Brambilla. 2004
  • Pax Athletica Mobile Game. 2004
  • Final Fantasy. Music & Sound Design for DVD. 2004


  • Art and Science: Insights into Consciousness.
    Dražen Bošnjak was invited to attend The 5th annual Art and Science: Insights into Consciousness workshop, at The Watermill Center with theater director/playwright Robert Wilson, artist Marina Abramovic, Neuroscientist & Author Daniel Levitin, David Poeppel Professor of Psychology and Neural Science, at New York University & Director of the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Germany and many more. The retreat, brings together exceptionally merited artists and scientists to foster an interdisciplinary discussion about consciousness. The goal is to enable a reciprocal creative process that will advance both the arts and the sciences, as well as their intersection. 2014
  • Webby Award Nominee.
    LiKENESS starring Elle Fanning, directed by Oscar nominated DP (Babel, 21 Grams, Argo, Wolf of Wall Street) Rodrigo Prieto with score by Dražen Bošnjak. 2014.
  • Association of Music Producers AMP Awards Best Mnemonic & Sound Branding for Showtime ID. 2014
  • Likeness Directed by Rodrigo Prieto Starring Elle Fanning Debuts online on The New York Times. Soundtrack by Dražen Bošnjak. 2014
  • London D&AD Award Yellow Pencil Direction & Nominated Best Use of Music for Film. 2013
  • British Arrow Gold Award. 2013
  • Tribeca Film Festival Short Programming Selects 2013
  • Clio Award: Music Adaption of the Pixie's 'Where is My Mind'. 2012
  • Ted Ads worth spreading for Xbox. 2012
  • Clio Awards: Sound Design. 2010
  • Clio Awards: Original Music. 2010
  • Webby Awards Best Sound Design in Film. 2008
  • Clio Awards: Music Adaptation. 2007
  • Clio Awards: Original Music. 2007
  • Cannes Lions: Titanium Short List. 2007
  • D&AD: Yellow Pencil Award. 2007
  • Clio Awards: Sound Design. 2006
  • AICP Awards: Sound Design Honoree. 2006
  • WorldFest Houston: Platinum Award Best Music. 2006
  • The Bronx Soundwalk: Audie Awards Best Original Work. 2004

Little Black Book

  • Q Department Director Series
  • The King Cole Bar
  • Angel's Share
  • Bemelmans Bar
  • 21 Club
  • Freemans
  • Diner
  • Raoul's
  • Vinagar Hill House
  • Waverly Inn
  • Corner Bistro

Calling Card

Represented by Q Department
New York, New York


  • MIX Magazine. March 2016.
    Dražen Bošnjak Creates His Own Virtual Reality

    Composer/Inventor Tackles The Martian VR Experience
    By the time Bošnjak started work on The Martian VR Experience he
    had already established sound tech company Mach 1™. Working with Mach 1™ they designed a set of
    proprietary sound tools that allow Bošnjak to more effectively create
    and audition multidirectional, biphonic sounds in a virtual reality
    space. Read the article at MIXonlline.com
    MIX. 2016
  • Variety
    “The Martian VR Experience” does convey a profound sense of presence, making you feel with convincing verisimilitude as if you’ve actually stepped into the world of “The Martian”.
    Variety 2016.
  • Vulture.
    Augmented-Reality Comedy Creative Control Is Virtually Perfect.The soundtrack, full of baroque chestnuts, adds an extra layer of irony that the movie might not need, but it creates a lovely counterpoint.
    Vulture. 2016
  • Hollywood Reporter
    Fox launches The Martian VR a Ridley Scott-approved VR offshoot of the space drama as a projected $5.4 billion market takes shape.

    Hollywood Reporter 2016.
  • The Road to VR
    This is the power of VR. You can place someone inside a lovingly rendered world and just let them lose, as long as you’ve made it intuitive enough to do so.

    The Road to VR 2016.
  • CATATONIC director Guy Shelmerdine's newest unnerving work is a visual showcase that happens all inside your head (and VR headset) The convincing binaural sound by Dražen Bošnjak completes the spooky experience.
    PSFK 2015
  • "Having proven his mettle as a cinematographer, Rodrigo Prieto is turning his hand to directing. The veteran DP, who has protographed notable films like Ang Lee's 'Brokeback Mountain' and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's '21 Grams', has stepped behind the Director's Chair on 'Likeness', a short film that premeieres tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival with soundtrack by Dražen Bošnjak."
    Creativity Magazine. 2013
  • Among the other shorts I caught, noted cinematographer-turned-director Rodrigo Prieto's Likeness, a formally wondrous, psychologically haunting short featuring Elle Fanning, a lot of gorgeous models and some pretty horrifying SFX makeup work, evocatively takes you inside the head of a girl battling the demons of distorted body image and bulimia. It's hard to shake.
    Filmmaker Magazine. 2013
  • Director Johnny Hardstaff of Little Minx/RSA Films maintains a compellingly creepy vibe throughout the video. Partial credit for that is due to Fassbender's piercing blue eyes and affect-free delivery, and composer Dražen Bošnjak's music. 'I wanted to create a machine-like, repetitive, minimalist score for the beginning of the film that evoked the assembly of machines,' Bošnjak says. 'When David starts to talk directly to the viewer I transitioned into a more utopian feeling premised by delivering the perfect artificial emotion of contentment through the music.'
    Fast Company Magazine. 2013
  • Evolution (Megaplex) 'Second for second, the most cinematic excitement at Sundance.
    Los Angeles Times. 2012
  • Tell Tale: Under the imprimatur of producers Ridley and Tony Scott, the very talented Michael Cuesta ('L.I.E') has made his most accessible film to date, an intelligent creepiest that may have audiences imagining the movie playing on and on, beneath the floorboards.
    Variety. 2009
  • Tell Tale: Director Michael Cuesta (L.I.E, 12, Six Feet Under, Dexter and Holding) crafts an unsettling psychological thriller, inspired by the classic Edgar Allen Poe Horror Story. The chilling tale, is a combination of Cuesta's firm hand and intense pacing, Terry Stacey's rich and moody cinematography and Dražen Bošnjak's visceral sound design.
    Tribeca Film. 2009
  • Tell Tale: A grisly thriller with an unnerving visual scheme and an amplified sound design that communicates the depth of the horrors, bodily and psychological, visited on the protagonist. Poe, who was notoriously sadistic would have loved this.
    Critics Notebook. 2009
  • Dražen Bošnjak has dramatically asserted himself as the go-to guy for the progressive, art-minded creative. As equally versed and interested in the outer limits of digital sound manipulation as he is in classical music's archetypal patterns, Bošnjak's compositional range extends far and deep as does his credibility.
    Boards Magazine Cannes It List. 2006
  • 007's gadget man came up with ever more dazzling and ingenious inventions as the Bond franchise progressed through the years. Expect Dražen Bošnjak to make the same contributions to the art of recording audio.
    Res Magazine Article by Jesse Ashlock. 2005
  • A fully stocked minibar just inside the entrance of Drazen Bosnjak's subterranean studio is New York's Chinatown attests to the Bond-like suaveness of his operation, but what his meticulous and unconventional audio productions really provide is an essential, behind-the-scenes utility that transforms compelling moving image projects into fully realized, engrossing worlds audiences can inhabit.
    Res Magazine by Jesse Ashlock. 2005